My Trail of Tears story

This is told from A woman’s point of view….



I felt as if only death would end my journey. The cold grounds and grey skies claimed the spirit of my tribe. I held the rains tightly to my thundering horse, wondering why I and my tribe are forced to travel from our main lands in Tennessee to the new territory, in Oklahoma.


I believe it’s the winter of 1838 and President Andrew Jackson wants the gold found on our lands. So, he sent his military troops in to get us. His greediness does not settle well with me or anyone else.


I looked at my daughter sitting behind me. Gazing at her sad face, as her home is lost. My horse slowed down to a steady pace as we sadly walk threw the field. Every rock hit, felt like a bomb exploding beneath me. I tightened the blanket around me and looked ahead. I knew this journey wouldn’t be easy, and I knew we would have falls. But our spirits must stay high, for we travel to a new land.