3 words used around the world!

Reduce, reuse and recycle.

I try and follow those simple words the best I can. Recycling bottles, oepning windows instead of using A.C., turning off un-used lights; these are some of the simple things my family and yours can do to save the planet. Here are some cool ideas!….

Reduce the amount of water you use per day.

Eradicate the amount of garbage and waste.

Clean up your local gardens, parks, and fields.

Your responsible for what happens to this planet, take action.

Care for marine life, so please don’t throw garbage into oceans.

Love this planet, so reduce, reuse and recycle!

Earth has everything we need, why waste it?

I try and do everything I can to help out. I’m not asking for you to drive a hybrid and live in a bubble all I’m saying is, we have 1 Earth, 1 life, and 1 chance to make this a better place before it’s too late.

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