Hey Everyone!!!

Hey, this is my blog! Here’s a some stuff about me.

  • Sports- Volleyball & swimming!
  • Food- Well, actually I don’t really have one.  ) :    
  • Places I want to go- Europe or Australia, anywhere out of the US.
  • What I wanna be when I grow up- A vet, but not the ones that sit at desks all day (no offense).

Well, that’s some things about me. Hope you enjoy my blog!!!

3 thoughts on “Hey Everyone!!!

  1. p-12 means me have Prep (first graders( what ever you like to call them all the way up to year 12 students and australian rules football is way differnt to american football they where no padding and they manly kick the ball to each other here is the website if u would like to have a look at it http://www.afl.com.au/

  2. G’day Ashley,
    Thanks for visiting the blog of one of my students. She has now written a post explaining about netball.

    I wonder why so many people want to visit Australia? Yet in Australia, many students want to visit America or other places. Maybe it is like that saying “The grass is greener on the other side of the fence” You always think it is better some place else.

    Please feel free to visit my class blog at http://wyatt67.edublogs.org

  3. Hey Ashley

    Thanks for the comment, yea I do play netball it’s really fun.
    Do u play in a vollyball team?
    When I grow up I want to work with animals in some way too.

    Ash xxx

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