Slacking off, I haven’t been on edublogs in FOREVER! It’s so funny to see what kind of things I learned and said in 8th grade. High School was a big change from middle school, but I love it 🙂 So far my grades are good, I’m on teams and I still manage to keep and make friends. I’ve learned a lot of key things in 8th grade that help me now. I’ve learned SO many things about computers and communicating from my class with Mr. B. I’ve also dreadfully manage to retain all the things Papa Scurs Bear taught me in pre-algebra too! But anyways, just thought I’d update this 🙂

Goodbye 8th grade.

            For me, 8th grade was all about friends. Without my friends school would drag on and on; especially in Scursso’s class. The inside jokes and secrets we tell each other, make me laugh and cheer me up. I would be bored and not to mention lonely.


            A funny time with my friends was when Mr. B showed us the “Ya Toast” video and we cracked up for days. We’d roam the halls changing it up to different accents and pitches. The video shown in class is something that really stuck with me in class.


            An inspiring moment in 8th grad was in Mr. B’s class. It was towards the beginning of the year. I had set up my very own Skype call from my room, with a class from Australia! I did it all on my own and it made me feel great! I felt like I could do anything I wanted to and I could conquer the world.


            A scary moment and I’m sure a lot of people say this, was my first class with Papa Scurs Bear (Mr. Scursso). He had come in with piles of heavy books and a supply list demanding 6 notebooks, 20 gazillion pencils, binders and highlighters. It’s overwhelming but luckily, I got used to it.


            Those are only the small memories that I will always remember about 8th grade.






What truly is a hero? And whose mine?

Most people consider a hero just a guy with good hair and red cape or a type of sandwich. Well even though that technically isn’t a “real hero” they do have the qualities needed to be one. No not super speed and invisibility. But qualitites such as kindness, generosity and pure friendliness are found in a hero. A hero is a person who is there to help in hard times, or to lend a needed hand. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes like kids, adults, native people or foreigners. Heroes are everywhere! My hero changes everyday. It doesn’t need to be a person everyone knows, or even a person in your family. My hero changes depending on what happens. If I trip and fall and someone catches my arm, they’re my hero; because I know without them I could’ve gotten hurt. Or Mmy hero is the person, that when I’m sad and glum, they’re there to tellme jokes and make me laugh; becuase I know without them life would seem sad and maybe depressing.


That’s what, in my eyes, is a hero. And hey! Who knows? Maybe tomorrow you’ll be my hero.

Gov’t become more or less democratic?

I don’t think the United States should become more or less democratic. The way we’ve been voting and controlling the United States has been doing well and changing it might be a bad decision and will impact the country greatly. Like people say, “Why re-invent the wheel?” that is what we would be doing if we tried to change, what doesn’t need change.

My Trail of Tears story

This is told from A woman’s point of view….



I felt as if only death would end my journey. The cold grounds and grey skies claimed the spirit of my tribe. I held the rains tightly to my thundering horse, wondering why I and my tribe are forced to travel from our main lands in Tennessee to the new territory, in Oklahoma.


I believe it’s the winter of 1838 and President Andrew Jackson wants the gold found on our lands. So, he sent his military troops in to get us. His greediness does not settle well with me or anyone else.


I looked at my daughter sitting behind me. Gazing at her sad face, as her home is lost. My horse slowed down to a steady pace as we sadly walk threw the field. Every rock hit, felt like a bomb exploding beneath me. I tightened the blanket around me and looked ahead. I knew this journey wouldn’t be easy, and I knew we would have falls. But our spirits must stay high, for we travel to a new land.

What inspires me?

This may seem corny or the “easy way out” but life is my inspiration. If I see something I like I’ll try it, if I see something pretty I’ll wear it. Everything we do is inspired and motivated by something we saw, do, or dream of. So without life, we wouldn’t really be inspired or motivated to do anything.

This post was inspired by: http://dmantz7.edublogs.org/2009/03/19/what-inspires-me/

I’m going to tag Stephie & Priscila

Now what inspires you?

3 words used around the world!

Reduce, reuse and recycle.

I try and follow those simple words the best I can. Recycling bottles, oepning windows instead of using A.C., turning off un-used lights; these are some of the simple things my family and yours can do to save the planet. Here are some cool ideas!….

Reduce the amount of water you use per day.

Eradicate the amount of garbage and waste.

Clean up your local gardens, parks, and fields.

Your responsible for what happens to this planet, take action.

Care for marine life, so please don’t throw garbage into oceans.

Love this planet, so reduce, reuse and recycle!

Earth has everything we need, why waste it?

I try and do everything I can to help out. I’m not asking for you to drive a hybrid and live in a bubble all I’m saying is, we have 1 Earth, 1 life, and 1 chance to make this a better place before it’s too late.

Actions or intentions?

When faced with decisions or challenges what do you do? Do you define the person by their actions? Or by their main intentions?

This situation will come down to that decision. Actions or intentions?

A local newspaper delivered daily to schools in New York, contained a “questionable” photo and story in it. The publishers original intention was to not deliver the newspaper, just to be on the safe side. Thinking it would make parents and teachers accuse them of being, “negligent” or “insensitive”, they did not send it.

The publisher said that they would call to talk to the school, but he didn’t some through and call. It could have easily been a mistake because people get busy and have other things to do. I’ve done it before, say I’m going to call a person and I forget to do that.  

The teachers and staff of the school insisted on them sending the newspaper, since it is being paid for. Teachers agreed, the decision was there’s to make before the publisher, so they wrote to the publisher telling them to continue sending the newspaper.

Some staff wanted the publisher to send the papers with a flyer on top explaining the article and situation. That wasn’t the best thing to do because, I’m sure you’ve experienced this, but things tend to fall off of packages or items when traveling to different places. The flyer could have easily fell off or gotten lost, and than the school might get mad because they don’t like the article; in which the missing flyer would explain.

I think the intentions of the publisher were good, and if I were him I would’ve done the same thing. If your school received a newspaper with a controversial picture or article, and the newspaper didn’t tell you; I’m sure you’d be mad right? I don’t think there’s any person, who is reading this post, that can say that they would be perfectly fine with a newspaper sending an inappropriate article to them.

So what would you define a person by? Actions or intentions?